About Us

What Nagorik TV Is All About

Nagorik TV is a web TV and social media that has a vision to build bridges among the citizens from Bangladesh and South East Asia. We have worked day and night to make it a place where people from especially Bangladesh and South East Asia will communicate with each other and find shows of their interest.

A web TV that brings news and views from all over the world at your fingertip. A platform, where you have the full freedom to speak. A media, that keeps you connected to all the other social networks. 

Nagorik TV- valued Freedom that matters:

1) Nagorik Live: Live TV Show with Live discussion and making Comments ability 

2) Live Streaming Crew: A service that allows people to broadcast there events or Celebrations live on Nagorik TV      website and shares them on Facebook / Twitter / Email Link / website and Mobile App of Nagorik TV 

3) My Channel (Instant Video Broadcasting): My Channel allows users to upload their video clips directly  to Nagorik TV  website and shares them on Facebook / Twitter / Email Link / website and Mobile App of Nagorik TV 

4) Nagorik Webinar: Web seminars  that provide live training, online meeting, Conference, e-Education services and tutorials using Nagorik TV website,Facebook / Twitter / Email Link / website and Mobile App of Nagorik TV 

5) On-Demand: Browse categories to find your desired video

6) Creative Video Production: HD Quality video AD production for all kinds of programs, events to promote the products branding with mass broadcasting campaign on Nagorik TV along with all social media networks.

We are expecting your kind participation and we will be very glad and grateful to have your compassion and well wishes as a member of the Bangladeshi and South East Asian community around the glob.


Team Members

Zalil Rahman | Vice President

Always think Positive

Tito Rahman | Founder & CEO

I don’t like to follow – I like being followed

Abdur Rashid Rais | Co-Founder and CTO

Always think something new

Moynul Alam Rupu | Head - Public Relation

Always respect people for best wishes

Rafi Mohammad Azad | Head: Student Connection and Conceptual Script

Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front.

Nazmul Hassan Khan | Head: Camera, Video Production & Content

Be positive all the way of life

Ilyes Ferroukhi | Associate - Video Crew

Love to learn something new everyday

Ashraful Pavel | Head of Sound, Music & Composition

Music is my favorite hobby my life my everything